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What is a Conveyancing Lawyer Cape Town?

A conveyancing lawyer Cape Town, or a property lawyer, is one who specializes in real estate law. They assist buyers and sellers with the legal aspects of transferring property in real estate transactions, including placing or removing liens. Sellers may hire a conveyancing lawyer Cape Town to help resolve title claim disputes as well. Buyers also often hire one to help with settling any encumbrances on the property, prior to finalizing a sale. Commercial entities also use conveyancing lawyer Cape Town to ensure their plans for construction comply with local zoning rules.

Transferring a legal title can be a complex process, and if not done correctly, the buyer can lose rights or the title. For example, a buyer may not end up with unmarketable title because they did not do a thorough search to establish a clear chain of title. A conveyancing lawyer Cape Town is trained to deal with the legal challenges and pitfalls associated with transferring ownership to real estate and often seeks to protect his client’s interest. They have the checks and balances in place to ensure the title is properly researched and that property can be transferred free of liens or other problems. Business owners may face such challenges in regard to obtaining permits or permission to build new property or change the use of existing property in accordance with zoning laws.

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